ComAp科迈InteliNeo 6000 (INEO6000BBB)控制模块

InteliNeo 6000
Order code: INEO6000BBB
InteliNeo 6000 is a controller for managing and optimising on-grid and off-grid hybrid microgrid systems. The controller features real-time monitoring capabilities to balance power supply and demand and make real-time decisions for optimal energy management.
Its advanced algorithms and Modbus master ensure compatibility with a large number of preconfigured devices making it an outstanding solution for complex hybrid power generation applications. 
Single controller for renewables power sources and battery energy storage system
Native microgrid applications for on & off-grid systems with renewable energy and storage
Onboard Modbus Master for RTU/TCP support of up to 16 devices with extended device support via InteliGateway 300
Support of up to 64 genset/mains controllers in CAN FD mode (250m)
Hot-Swap controller for system resilience and reduced downtime in case of fault (in primary controller)*
Controller data encryption to protect prevent unauthorised views of controller configuration
Features available with a software key.
InteliNeo 6000
InteliNeo 6000是一款用于管理和优化并网和离网混合微电网系统的控制器。该控制器具有实时监控功能,可平衡电力供应和需求,并做出实时决策,实现最佳能源管理。
板载Modbus Master,支持多达16个设备的RTU/TCP,并通过InteliGateway 300扩展设备支持
在CAN FD模式下支持多达64台发电机组/主电源控制器(250米)

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